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What is sled hockey?
Sled hockey, or sledge hockey as it is known in Canada and Europe, is a sit down version of ice hockey.  Sled hockey was started in the 1960’s in Sweden and has since spread across the world.


Who can play?

Sled hockey is designed for individuals who have a disability that prohibits them from playing stand up hockey.  However many teams have able bodied players who practice and fill out roster spots.


What equipment is used?

Each player uses a sled, which is usually made of aluminum.   The other components of the sled are: the bucket, two skate blades under the frame, a skag in the front to keep the front from hitting the ice, and straps to keep the player secure in the sled.


Players wear all of the same equipment as anyone you see playing on television.  Most players even elect to wear hockey boots with the blades taken out for protection.


The biggest difference in equipment between stand up and sled hockey are the hockey sticks.  Sled players use two sticks, a right and a left, with metal picks on ends.  The picks allow the players to propel themselves.  The sticks may be as long as 100cm or roughly 3 feet.


The sticks can be made from wood, aluminum, or composite.  Most players elect to use a wood blade with a carbon fiber shaft.  However carbon fiber blades are starting to become more prevalent.  The Sled Dogs prefer to use Warrior shafts.     

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